Rod MacDonald

LLS Jupiter Distinguished Faculty Award 2012

Music Appreciation and Performance

Rod MacDonald began his career as a singer/songwriter in Greenwich Village, NY in 1973. He has 21 songs in the Smithsonian Folkways collection and has released 12 CDs of his own songs, including 2018’s “Beginning Again” and three CDs with the Palm Beach County band Big Brass Bed. He performs in festivals, clubs and concerts locally and throughout North America and Europe and was named “Best Local Acoustic Performer” in Broward and Palm Beach counties by the New Times and “one of the ten magnificent musicians of Palm Beach County” by the Palm Beach Post. An instructor with Osher LLI at Florida Atlantic University since 2006, his previous series include Music Americana, The Great American Songbook and The Roots of Rock and Roll.

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Music Americana: In Search Of Greatness

From sheer talent, pioneering a new direction, or outselling all their rivals, a few artists are widely regarded as the foremost practitioners of their art. Their work endures through the years, imitated but never surpassed, as part of the soundtrack of our times. From the directness of Irving Berlin to the lush melodies of Burt Bachrach, from the deep blues of Billy Holliday to the Tony-winning freedom of Kimberly Akimbo, from the symphonic Aaron Copeland to the spectacular Elton John, great artists inspire us in our time, and set the standards for the future.

This course will examine the work, biographies and enduring importance of these past and present artists, and attempt to sort myth from reality, using updated videos and excerpts from feature films, live performances and a few surprises.

Live In-Person with Video Catch-up Available 2-3 business days after live lecture. You will have approximately two weeks to view the video.
Eight Lectures
  1. The Great Songwriters - Irving Berlin, Carole King
  2. American Classics - Aaron Copeland, The Kronos Quartet
  3. Historic Voices - Billy Holliday, Judy Collins
  4. Curtain Call - Harry Belafonte, Gordon Lightfoot
  5. Sixty Years Ago - The Beatles, Louie Louie & The Kinks
  6. Diversity On Broadway - South Pacific, Kimberly Akimbo
  7. The Beauty Of Music - Burt Bachrach, Silk Road Ensemble
  8. The Spectacular - Elton John, Taylor Swift

Course # W8T1 — Full 8 Weeks
Place:Auditorium, Lifelong Learning Complex, Jupiter Campus
Dates:Tuesdays, January 9, 16, 23, 30; February 6, 13, 20, 27 2024
Time:2:30 - 4 PM
Fee:$120 / member; $160 / non-member

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A Brief History Of The Beatles

With Rod MacDonald & The Humdingers

Live In-Person Only.

With the 60th anniversary of their’ coming to America, we remember The Beatles began in England as an American-style rock and roll cover band, soon earning worldwide acclaim for their own compositions, mini-symphonies of love, heartache, thrills, loss, and self-awareness. With each member destined to be an important figure in the world of music, their brilliant songs, from clever and sweet to surreal and sophisticated, grew in depth as they matured, with lyrics that capture both their time and our timeless feelings, and melodies no singer can resist.

Join Rod MacDonald & the Humdingers for a fresh perspective on The Beatles, a fun and low-decibel tour through the lives, genius and great songcraft of John, Paul, George & Ringo.

Biographical Information:
• Rod MacDonald, guitar/vocal, has ten CDs of his songs, plus ”A Few Dylan Songs‘ with Big Brass Bed, as heard on WLRN. He performs frequently in South Florida,throughout North America and Europe, and is a lifelong devotee of popular song. An instructor with FAU Lifelong Learning since 2006, his current series is Music Americana.
• Bill Meredith, drums, is the backbone of several Palm Beach County rock and roll bands, including Big Brass Bed and Illumination. He’s toured throughout the US and Canada, and appears on more than a dozen CDs.
• Stan Silverman, piano, studied classical music and theory at the New England Conservatory of Music and Philadelphia Music Academy, but is better known for his work with the jazz bands Hook and The Johnny Panks Band.
• Doug Lindsey, bass, performs with the Mario LaCasse Band and several Palm Beach County groups.
• Mario LaCasse, lead guitar, playing roots, blues or jazz, has refined his sound as a member of Misbehavin, Flight, the Mario LaCasse Band, Lowdown 13, and the NattyBos, Groove Merchant band and Copland Davis.
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Course # W1R5 — One Time Event
Place:Auditorium, Lifelong Learning Complex, Jupiter Campus
Dates:Thursday, February 8 2024
Time:7 - 9 PM
Fee:$35 / member; $40 / non-member

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