Mehmet Gurses, Ph.D.

Political Science

Mehmet Gurses, Ph.D., joined the Department of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University in 2007 after completing his doctorate from the University of North Texas. An expert on Middle East politics, Professor Gurses specializes in ethnic and religious conflict, post-civil war peace building, post-civil war democratization, and Islamist parties in the Middle East.

Professor Gurses frequently speaks to area communities on a range of topics relating to the Middle East. He is the author of “Anatomy of a Civil War: Sociopolitical Impacts of the Kurdish Conflict in Turkey” and co-editor of “Conflict, Democratization, and the Kurds: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.” He has published extensively in journals such as International Interactions; Social Science Quarterly; Civil Wars; Defense and Peace Economics; Democratization; International Studies Perspectives; Nationalism and Ethnic Politics; Conflict Management and Peace Science; Politics and Religion; and Political Research Quarterly.

In 2018, Professor Gurses published his book titled "Anatomy of a Civil War." It can be purchased through the following sites:

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U.S. Withdrawal from the Middle East: Right or Wrong?

President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will withdraw from Syria has caused a heated debate over the U.S. role not only in the Syrian war but also in the broader Middle East. President Trump has stated that “ISIS is defeated” and portrayed Syria as nothing more than “sand and death.”

While many have criticized this abrupt decision, questions remain about the overall U.S. presence in the Middle East. What does a potential U.S. withdrawal mean for the future of the region? Can the U.S. afford a pullout? Is this the beginning of the end of U.S. dominance in the Middle East? Is Iran poised to fill the vacuum? How will these changes affect Israel, America’s key ally in the region? These questions and more will be addressed in this one-time lecture.
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