Bryan Nichols, Ph.D.

Environmental Science

Bryan Nichols, Ph.D., teaches science methods courses for pre-service teachers and core courses in FAU’s environmental education Master’s program. He has extensive experience with environmental education, wildlife ecology and ecotourism, from teaching fourth graders in Yosemite National Park to tagging killer whales off British Colombia and leading kayaking tours in Belize. He enjoys sea kayaking, scuba diving, hiking and locally brewed beer.

Rethinking Education: Earth Smarts for a More Challenging World

As Earth tips into a less stable state, we are leaving our children with a planet that is warmer, more crowded and potentially more challenging on which to live. Are the dozen or more years of formal education from schools teaching them how to adapt and thrive? Join an FAU Assistant Professor of Science and Environmental Education to consider what we should be emphasizing in schools and how classrooms alone do not provide the opportunities to impart the qualities that students will need to maintain or improve their wellbeing in an era of wild weather, sea level rise and global urbanization.

We’ll leave the doom and gloom in the back of the room; education can play an important role in addressing current and future environmental challenges. Earth smarts is a framework for socioenvironmental literacy that describes the qualities we need to thrive in a challenging world. It’s not just understanding ecology or scientific reasoning; we need a diverse range of knowledge and skills that schools don’t always emphasize. We will also consider the roles of community partners, since formal education does an even worse job of addressing the values and sense of place that guide and inspire us to be resilient, adaptive learners.

Do you have earth smarts? Does your family? Join this lively lecture to find out.
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