Paul Mojzes, Ph.D. & Alan Berger, Ph.D.

Religious Studies

Paul Mojzes, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Rosemont College, PA, where he served as Provost and Academic Dean. He was interim director of the Gratz College Holocaust and Genocide Studies doctoral program and is adjunct professor. He is a native of Yugoslavia where he studied at Belgrade University Law School, received the A.B. degree from Florida Southern College and Ph.D. degree from Boston University. He was the co-editor of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies, and is the founder and editor of Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe. Author of six and the editor of seventeen books, he has written over 100 articles and chapters in books. Among his recent books are Balkan Genocides: Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing in the Twentieth Century; Yugoslavian Inferno: Ethnoreligious Warfare in the Balkans, Religious Liberty in Eastern Europe and the USSR, and edited Religion and War in Bosnia and North American Churches and the Cold War.

Alan L. Berger is the Raddock Family Eminent Scholar Chair of Holocaust Studies and Professor of Jewish Studies at FAU where he directs the Center for the Study of Values and Violence After Auschwitz. The Raddock Chair is the first endowed chair of Holocaust Studies in the state of Florida. He is the author and editor of 16 books, including “Second Generation Voices,” with his wife Naomi; co-author of “Third Generation Holocaust Representation: Trauma, History, and Memory”; “Post-Holocaust Jewish-Christian Dialogue”; “Trialogue and Terror: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam After 9/11”; and “Elie Wiesel: Teacher, Mentor, and Friend.” He holds a Doctor of Letters, Honoris Causa from Luther College and is an Affiliated Professor of the University of Haifa.

Jewish-Christian Dialogue

After 2,000 years of hostile relationships, Jews and Christians are discovering positive ways of engaging, such as learning about each other, friendship, dialogue and cooperation. Professors Alan Berger and Paul Mojzes will explore aspects of this complex changing asymmetrical relationship with the major emphasis on how it was impacted by the Holocaust. They will examine various theological reflections about the meaning of the Holocaust and other genocides and their effect on post-Holocaust religious reflections and behavior.
Four Lectures
  1. From Enmity and Tragic Persecution to Mutual Respect and Cooperation - Great diversity in both Judaism and Christianity complicates their relationship. Brief overview of Jewish-Christian relations in the New Testament, out of which a supersessionist theology emerged, the subsequent transition to religious, cultural and racial antisemitism, resulting in persecutions, massacres, expulsions and proselytism.
  2. Impact of the Enlightenment and the Holocaust - Growth of qualified tolerance due to the enlightenment and critical thinking. Emergence of modern biblical criticism and the scholarly study of both religions. Subsequent descent into utter darkness due to a variety of causes, including religious preachments and racist theories and policies of the Nazis. How did Christians and Jews respond to the Shoah?
  3. Post-Holocaust Theological Responses to the Holocaust - Exploration of several prominent Jewish and Christian thinkers (such as Wiesel, Greenberg, Fackenheim, Littell and Fisher) who sought to explain and cope with the devastation of the Holocaust. The role of the establishment of the State of Israel. The Second Vatican Council and changed Protestant attitudes toward Judaism.
  4. Current Challenges to Jewish-Christian Relations in the Age of Nationalism - Challenges faced by the rise of American and worldwide antagonism to immigration and pluralism, coupled with the growth of virulent antisemitism. Is it a crisis of the dialogue or a wake-up call to renewed efforts at cooperating?

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Dates:Tuesdays, October 15, 22, 29; November 5 2019
Time:2:15 - 3:45 PM
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