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Creative Writing

Minx Boren, M.C.C., is a Master Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation. Coach Minx is also a lifelong journal-keeper, author of four books of poetry, coauthor of eight books for women, and has had two books published by Blue Mountain Arts: “Healing Is a Journey” and “Friendship Is a Journey.” Her latest book, “Decades of Gratitude, Gusto, Grit & Grace” explores in depth the world of personal chronicling. Ms. Boren is also a columnist for various publications as well as a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator.

Advanced trainings and certifications include Authentic Happiness Coaching®, Appreciative Inquiry®, Emotional Intelligence, Art of Convening, Too Young to Retire, and Conversational Intelligence®. Since 1994, Minx has been designing, developing, and presenting innovative programs that support health and balance, reflection and achievement. Ms. Boren is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and did graduate work at NYU. Since 1994, she has been designing, developing, and facilitating innovative programs that support health and balance, reflection and achievement.

Minx is a past president of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches and has served on the Board of the Women’s Foundation of Florida since 2007. She is a 2013 recipient of the Giraffe Award, presented by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce to women who “stick their necks out for others.” Currently, she serves on the Leadership Council of Elders Action Network and co-facilitates webinars on “The Empowered Elder” and on “Sustainable Living.”

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Your Memories, Wisdom and Blessings

Chronicling Life Moments

CREATIVE WRITING Chronicling significant moments of our lives is to make use of pen and paper to record events and experiences along with the thoughts, emotions and impact surrounding them. This type of personal accountability can be a tool for self-reflection that allows us to shape vague and amorphous recollections into concrete and coherent language. It is a way to organize, prioritize and find an outlet for the pivotal events that have shaped our choices and, by extension, the course of our lives.

“Why does anybody tell a story? It does indeed have something to do with faith, faith that the universe has meaning, that our little human lives are not irrelevant, that what we choose or say or do matters, matters cosmically.” — Madeleine L’Engle, author

Experience the power and magic of reflecting upon and revealing the essence of your own stories. Learn a variety of basic tips and techniques that allow even the most inexperienced writer to reap the benefits of this process. Take advantage of this opportunity to try different approaches in order to develop your own form of creative exploration and expression.

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Four Lectures
  1. Finding Freedom for Words to Flow - Why bother? How to begin? Where and how to focus one’s attention and intention? The “Big Rules” to discover yourself on the page. Jump-starting the process.
  2. AHA! Moments - Explore the impact of life-changing experiences.
  3. Legacy Letters - Offer others the gift of your unique life journey, experiences, understandings and growth.
  4. Attending to the Present Moment - What now and what next — creating new legacies.

Course # F4T2 — Last 4 Weeks
Place:Room 158, Lifelong Learning Complex, Jupiter Campus
Dates:Tuesdays, November 12, 19; December 3, 10 2019
Time:2:15 - 3:45 PM
Fee:$50 / member; $65 / non-member
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