Kevin Wagner, Ph.D.

LLS Distinguished Professor of Current Affairs

Political Science

Kevin Wagner, Ph.D., received his J.D. from the University of Florida and worked as an attorney and member of the Florida Bar in Palm Beach Gardens. He left the full-time practice of law and returned to the University of Florida to earn an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science. His research and teaching interests include American politics, campaigns and elections, media and politics, and American political thought.

His work has been published in leading journals and law reviews including American Review of Politics, Journal of Legislative Studies and Politics and Policy. Professor Wagner has presented research at national conferences including the American Political Science Association and the Midwest Political Science Association. He is one of the leading authorities on the effects of technology on politics and campaigning and has authored the book “Tweeting to Power: The Social Media Revolution in American Politics” (Oxford University Press).

Professor Wagner has lectured extensively on American politics and has been cited in many leading newspapers including The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, L.A. Times, New York Newsday, the Dallas Morning News and The Miami Herald. He has been featured on CBS 12 as a political analyst and on national television, including NBC’s “Today Show.”

Student Testimonials

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Media, Politics and Trump

Navigating News, Fake News and Social Media

The Trump administration has made American media the opposition party. This one-time lecture will explore how media and coverage of politics is changing under the Trump administration. Using polls, social media, traditional media and in-depth analysis, Professor Wagner will explore how news coverage is changing and what those changes will mean for America going forward and in a historical context. The lecture will examine the concept of truth in the age of fake news and explore the influences of technology, political media, parties and interest groups on public opinion. Professor Wagner will explore these concepts using survey results and media clips. Combining visuals, data and occasional humor, Professor Wagner will help you navigate the gauntlet of the new media universe.
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Dates:Tuesday, October 17 2017
Time:9:30 - 11 AM
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