Mark Tomass, Ph.D.

Economics and Political Science

Mark Tomass, Ph.D., is Adjunct Professor at Harvard University. He is the author of the 2016 book titled “The Religious Roots of the Syrian Conflict: The Remaking of the Fertile Crescent” and co-editor of the 2017 book titled “Assessing the War on Terror: Western and Middle Eastern Perspectives.” Professor Tomass’s research work focuses on monetary and credit crises, civil conflict in the Middle East and organized crime. His current work on civil conflict draws from his experience as a native of Syria and his scholarship while a research fellow at Harvard University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, including the publications Religious Identity, Informal Institutions, and the Nation States of the Near East and Game Theory Models with Instrumentally Irrational Players: A Case Study of Civil War and Sectarian Cleansing. His works highlight the role of religious entrepreneurship in the formation of the religious map of the Middle East and the civil conflicts they have generated. Professor Tomass obtained his doctoral degree in monetary economics in 1991 at Northeastern University. He has taught Money and Banking, International Trade and Finance, Comparative Economic Systems, and Exclusionist Religious Identities and Civil Conflict in the Middle East in American and international universities.

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Assessing the War on Terror

Western and Middle Eastern Perspectives

"Assessing the War on Terror" critically examines the efficacy, ethics and impact of the war on terror as it has evolved since 9/11. It is based on recent research carried out by the most prominent contributors to terrorism studies that appeared in the instructor’s 2017 co-edited book with the same title. It analyzes the strategies, tactics and outcomes of the war on terror and presents facts and ideas that are missing or underrepresented in the dominant public narratives. It uniquely provides not only Western perspectives of the war on terror, but importantly perspectives from the Middle East and those most directly affected by it, including contributions from scholars and policy makers. Overall, it demonstrates how views differ based on geographical location and how views have changed during the course of the still-evolving war on terror.

Articles and interviews featuring Dr. Tomass

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