Siobhan Gross, R.N., B.S.N., C.D.E.


Siobhan Gross, R.N., B.S.N., C.D.E., is a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator at Jupiter Medical Center. A nurse for over 30 years, she is passionate about her work and is inspired by her patients, their families and the community she serves. Her patients have shared many insights with her and they have helped her become a better educator. As a result, one of her favorite quotes is “Every learner is a teacher and every teacher is a learner,” by Paul Born.

She provides diabetes education in the classroom, at the bedside, at local community organizations and workplaces. She is very resourceful and is seen as a community resource. She is fluent in Spanish and is also a certified insulin pump trainer.

Siobhan is a member of the Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County; the planning committee of the South Florida American Diabetes Association Annual Conference; and Healthier Jupiter, a community initiative to help prevent diabetes. She enjoys photography, healthy cooking and volunteering.

Becoming Healthier Together Through Diabetes Awareness, Prevention and Management

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are 29.1 million people in the United States with diabetes and one out of four do not know they have it. Of the 86 million people who have prediabetes, nine out of ten do not know they have it. Prediabetes is the stage before diabetes actually develops, when there is a chance to help prevent/delay the onset. Knowing this information is crucial for early intervention.

The focus of the presentation will be on becoming healthier together through awareness, prevention and control of diabetes. The role of healthy lifestyles as a key to better health will be promoted. Information and support for families and caregivers will also be provided to increase their understanding of this disease and how to provide care/support for those living with diabetes.

In recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month, participants will have the opportunity to complete a Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment questionnaire from the American Diabetes Association to find out if they are at increased risk.

The following topics will be presented:
  • Importance of diabetes awareness for those at risk and those with diabetes
  • Definition: prediabetes, diabetes, types of diabetes
  • Risk factors: symptoms and diagnosis
  • General overview of current treatments
  • The benefits of physical activity, sleep, stress management, control of lipids, blood pressure, weight loss and healthy foods in prevention of diabetes and control of diabetes
  • Community resource: Healthier Jupiter, a community initiative to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Discussion of the value of diabetes education and other community resources
  • Understanding of personal risk factors for diabetes through the diabetes risk assessment
  • Discussion of how to share the information learned with family and friends and how to become more involved in community diabetes awareness.
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Dates:Tuesday, November 28 2017
Time:9:30 - 11 AM
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