Ralph Nurnberger, Ph.D.

History and Political Science

Ralph Nurnberger, Ph.D., is a widely acclaimed speaker who brings humor, current political insights and historical background to his presentations. In addition to speaking nationally, Professor Nurnberger has spoken internationally, including in Germany, Canada, Poland and the United Kingdom. He has spoken frequently at Florida Atlantic University’s Lifelong Learning Society and Middle East Studies program, as well as on international cruises.

Professor Nurnberger taught graduate level courses on international relations and history at Georgetown University, beginning in 1975. He was named Professor of the Year by the Graduate School of Liberal Studies in 2003 and received another award in 2005 for over 20 years of excellence in teaching.

The Dutch Golden Age, Tulip Mania and the Jews of Amsterdam

Amsterdam was the wealthiest city in Europe in the 17th century. In this one-time talk, Professor Ralph Nurnberger will discuss how the city achieved such prominence and how this affected its finances, unique canals, and its banking and trading systems. This, in turn, led its citizens to seek what they thought were profitable investments. Many invested in tulip bulbs. The collapse of “tulip bulb futures” was the first great capitalist “bubble,” and like so many bubbles that followed, this one destroyed the finances of many “investors.” The presentation will also focus on the great artists, scientists, writers and scholars who lived in Amsterdam in the 17th century. Finally, there will be a discussion of the Jews of Holland, beginning with the influx of Jews from Portugal. This will include such key figures as Baruch Spinoza and Anne Frank.
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Dates:Thursday, November 16 2017
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