Robert Milne

Musical Performance

Robert Milne never took piano lessons. He has a music degree in French horn performance and played with two major east coast symphonies. Piano? He's self-taught and he plays everything by ear. Named a musical ambassador by the U.S. State Department, he traveled overseas for many years. He was interviewed and filmed by the Library of Congress in 2004 and was declared a “national treasure.” The films are in the Library today as part of the national record.

Robert is the subject of an ongoing neurology brain study, now in its 9th year, by the Penn State University Neurology Department, of what they describe as “unusual musical abilities.” It was discovered that he routinely listens to up to four different symphonic pieces in his head at the same time (even his wife didn’t know he did this). These tests were featured on the NPR Radiolab program “Four-Track Mind,” which is still running on podcast. He performs about 250 concerts a year across the nation and world. While driving through Montana in 2009, he composed a complete grand opera in his head — the music, lyrics and orchestration — based on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

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The Story of Scott Joplin

Pre-recorded Class

The most famous name in ragtime is that of Scott Joplin. Born near Texarkana in1868, this son of former slaves demonstrated tremendous musical talent at an early age. Scott became very proficient on several instruments and was lucky enough to encounter a European piano teacher, Julius Weiss, who taught him the basics of piano as well as Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. At the same time, young Scott was growing up hearing folk music played at local camp meetings, churches, and sometimes places of questionable origin. This unique combination set the stage for what would later become a spectacular career and fame projecting over the next century and beyond. In the late 1890s he became the piano player at The Maple Leaf Club in Sedalia, Missouri. where a new style of music called “ragtime” was becoming popular. Some of the most haunting melodies of the era came from his pen and remain to this day the high water mark of composers during the heyday of this amazing and unique style of playing. The class will include many demonstrations of this beautiful music played by Bob Milne. This is a pre-recorded class. If you would like to ask the instructor a question following your viewing of the video, please email
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